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Part sorting and inspection machinery



Our staff of full time experienced inspectors offer some of the most expedient turnaround in the manufacturing world. Our services are available at your location, our location or at your customer sites. Each project is governed by our customer approved control plan and photo/video work instructions.

Design of Custom Gages

Design and manufacture of precision gages for high volume, tight tolerance parts. Variable data collection for tolerances +/- 0.0125mm.

Part Verification Scanning

Handheld scanner software developed for DMC, QR code and barcodes to detect mixed parts and wrong labels. Also used for Sequencing accuracy verification.


Our microscope inspection is based on piece pricing which allows you to guarantee product quality to your customers for pennies per piece.

Surface Finish Testing

Profilometer service available utilizing several different makes and models of both fixed and portable machines.

Inventory Management

Inventory tracking software developed to ensure inventory accuracy and provide real time data to customers.


Matrix Quality Services is an approved provider of CS1 and CS2 containment for numerous OEMs as well as Tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers to the automotive industry.

Hardness Testing

Analog and digital Rockwell and Brinell testing for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Hardness machines can be utilized at Matrix locations or off site at customer locations. We also have handheld portable hardness testing services available.


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